See the private island of Song Saa located in Cambodia

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Most of the people know Cambodia for its awesome culture, its shocking history and its prehistoric temple building, Angkor Wat. Be that as it may, have you ever envisioned that you could likewise encounter a rich and exciting beach vacation in the nation? Actually it’s all that much conceivable to have that epic Cambodian island getaway, which is generally offered by neighboring nation Thailand. Furthermore, one of the head spots to appreciate such an awesome get-away is flawless Song Saa Private Island. Located in the nation’s Koh Rong archipelago, Song Saa really includes two little islands, which are connected to one another by a footbridge.


Serenity and awesome resort to enjoy

In the Khmer language, Soong Saa refers to sweethearts and the islands are locally called as Soong Saa. In addition to that, imagine yourself crossing the bridge amidst the shining clear ocean, which is likewise an ensured marine store, is a good reason for you to spend your vacation at this awesome resort. Apart from top quality facilities and astounding services, Song Saa Private Island provides its guests with complete protection and serenity. As a matter of fact, this is one fantastic resort in the entire archipelago. You get to have a private pool, outdoor and indoor showers.



What’s more, on the off chance that you adore Mother Nature, you will be glad to realize that Song Saa endeavors to be eco friendly. Actually, a large portion of the lodges’ physical components and furniture are driftwood and angling vessel timber, which has been recuperated and reused. The resort likewise has a group of marine biologists who care for the marine life and follow recycling, conservation and waste management projects. Then, Soon Saa Private Island treats its esteemed visitors to a world class lounge and restaurant, situated on the shoreline of the island.


More fun activities

The resort was built up with the vision of giving visitors a straightforward island escapade from the busy city lives. This is the reason the management adopted various methods to enhance their services. Major facilities are accessible at the resort at reduced rates and the cost of the villa per night is mentioned beforehand itself. Their facilities comprises of a huge unbounded pool, an exercise center, meditation and yoga centre along with different water games like boating and snorkeling and sculling. Extra charges will be forced on specific things, for example, mechanized water exercises, some spa medications and enterprise trips.


You don’t likewise need to go to the city to search for gifts and souvenirs as the resort additionally has a boutique, which offers an array of local handicraft products, body care items and other designer labels.

Obviously you have all the chance to unwind and have a picnic on the island or watch the ocean mix wonderfully with the skyline from your manor. Be that as it may, in case you’re up for some adventure, why not go for kayaking trek around the adjacent mangroves. On the off chance that you are feeling more daring, climbing through the wilderness will most likely give some fervor.