How to Maintain the Quality of Upholstery for Longer Duration

If you want to make your home look beautiful, you choose a rug. However, all the rugs cannot be the best for your home. The best of the rugs need to be searched. The quality and the softness of the rugs as well as upholstery are important. One of the best rugs is oriental rugs. These are premium in quality and also in design. These kinds of oriental rugs are long-lasting as well. However, you would want to take very good care of the rugs to enhance the lifespan.

Rotate the Rug

There are many experts who believe that rugs should be rotated once in two years. Well, that is not really adequate for your rug. The rugs must be rotated once in a couple of months. There are several benefits of rotating the oriental rugs. The first thing is to put equal stress on the edge of the rugs. The edges are the most vulnerable in the Oriental rug, especially where the foot traffic is more. This ensures that the wearing off is distributed throughout.

Vacuum the Rug & Furniture

The rugs must be vacuum cleaned regularly. The rugs obviously attract the dust and the dirt. It stops the allergens and the bacteria to float on the air. However, the dust and dirt trapped in the rug can start circulating in the air if not cleaned properly. Hence, vacuum-cleaning regularly can be very effective. The vacuum takes out all the dust particles from the Oriental rug. Along with this, the bacteria goes out as well. So, a clean and healthy house is ensured.

Spot Cleaning

The spot cleaning with home remedies and solutions from the market can be very effective for the stains. The stains are quite common in the upholstery. This does not only destroys the beauty of the rug but also damages the fiber. In order to make sure that stains are removed, the spot cleaning is absolutely necessary. Or even hire professionals in upholstery cleaning.


Padding can be very effective when kept under the rug. This padding can keep the shape of the rug intact and also reduce the wrinkling of the rug. This makes sure that the rugs are effective and comfortable as well.

Sponge Clean

Sponge Cleaning can be another option to protect the upholstery. The sponge cleaning is generally done by wiping down the rug by a sponge. The solution can be a ready-made solution from the market or a homemade solution. This ensures that the sponging removes the dust and dirt from the rug.

Professional Washing

The last but most important part is to have professional cleaning. The professional cleaning of the rugs ensures that all the dirt and soil from the rugs are completely removed. The Oriental rugs tend to have more bacteria and allergens and the professional cleaning helps it remove completely.

The quality of the Oriental rugs is very important and thus maintenance of the rugs is equally important. Starting from quick spot cleaning to professional washing, all of these steps are significant to maintain the quality of the rugs for a longer duration.