Vietnam Travel Tips


Traveling is always fun and exciting, especially when you are visiting new places. If you are planning your next holiday trip to Vietnam, you should know about some things first. Vietnam is a beautiful country with all the peace and green. It is the perfect travel destination for you and your family. But the culture of this country will be different from yours. So it is better to prepared than being embarrassed. The country Vietnam is still new to you and there are some tips which can be really helpful in your first time Vietnam trip.

When to Travel

It is an important question you should ask before going to any countries in the world. You wouldn’t go to foreign county for regular basis. You may only go there once and you want it to be the right time. So there is also a right time for traveling to Vietnam. The weather condition of Vietnam is very inconsistent and you have to know about the weather before going there. But there is a time of the year when you can enjoy your trip to this beautiful country. As an adventurer you can go to Vietnam any time of the year, but if you want a peaceful sightseeing, November is the right month for you.

About Hospital Facility

It is very important to know about the medical facilities before traveling to any country. Hospitals with better facilities in Vietnam are mostly located around the capital. So you have to make your plan according to that. Other states also have hospital facilities, but it is not up to the mark. The health care system in Vietnam is well developed, but still big hospitals are only located in the capital cities. So you may find inadequate medical facility when needed if you are traveling outside Vietnam’s capital.

Things You Will Need

There are some things which are common when you are traveling to a new location. But while traveling to Vietnam, you may need some extra things you would like to carry with you. In Vietnam you will find everything needed for our daily lives at a fairly low price. So there is no need to pack your bag with lots of household commodities while traveling to Vietnam. You can simply buy those here. Make sure you are carrying your passports and visa all the time and other documents if necessary. You can also bring a pair of ear phones as there will be a lot of noise pollution in Vietnam. Also carry some mosquito repellent, umbrella and winter jackets with you while traveling.


It is one should you should never forget while traveling to a new location. You should always carry the local currency. Make sure to exchange the currency to Dong which the national currency of Vietnam. There are some places in Vietnam where Dollars are excepted but in most parts it is not. So to get the best shopping experience in Vietnam, you should carry the local currency.