Visit the Torreya State Park in Florida to know its history



In the sunny city of Florida, you will find Torreya State Park; this plays an essential part in keeping up the unique animal and plant species. Apart from that, this park is famous for other aspects; one is the splendid water contents of the Apalachicola River, which streams into the beneficial Apalachicola Bay and the other are the important communities that are of territorial significance. The Apalachicola River and The Torreya State Park are both memorable and rich in history. In addition to that, this place is quite famous right from the civil war time and over two hundred Confederate Soldiers stayed there.

The history

As you trek through this park you can at present see where the big cannons were put. A well known estate proprietor, Jason Gregory and his family stayed at this place in 1840s. The mansion of Jason Gregory was approximately three thousand square feet and initially determined to the west banks of the Apalachicola River. Be that as it may, in the late 1930’s Gregory’s house was taken over by the Civilian Conservation Corp. Then again this particular donation came along with a stipulation which was that the house be disassembled and moved. The laborers of the Civilian Conservation Corp started dismantling the home step by step and board by board.

New found Florida

These sheets and blocks were then stacked on a scow which conveyed these things toward the east bank. It was at point that the re-building of this old home started and where it stands can in any case be seen today. A standout amongst the most populated destinations in Florida was situated at the Apalachicola Region. Along the lower some portion of the Apalachicola River Valley you will discover plenty of other present and former banks. Some of the treasures of the early occupants can still be found her especially near the river swamps. Hence you should take the time to explore these places.


Cotton export

Along the Apalachicola River, you can find that the Creek Indians from Alabama and Georgia settled here in the 1700s. The word Apalachicola originates from the Indian word which signifies “individuals on the other side.” In 1816 one or more battles happened between the Creek Indians and the Americans Forces along with their dark associates. Amid this time cotton was dispatched by steamboat from the inside ranches to Apalachicola for fare.


Further to that, some sort of barrier was set up at the Apalachicola Bay to prevent the movement of steamboats and this was done by the Union Forces during the Civil War. You need take the time to go through the port of Apalachicola were a large number of board feet of timber. This timber originated from the long leaf pine and cypress trees. The sap was refined into gum and turpentine, which all in all got to be known as maritime stores. Torreya State Park was opened to general society in 1935 and is one of Florida’s unique state parks, hence visit this place.